About Us

The Beginning

Property Accent was founded in order to bring a specialist service to discerning clients who simply do not have the time to find properties themselves -  may be due to work, family or other time constraints, and who appreciate the input of a consultant who is working on their behalf.  We work with clients seeking to invest or relocate in London (UK) and Valencia (Spain).

Our Ethos

We take pride in helping clients to realise their property dreams, whether it be a city apartment or family home. If you’re moving countries, you’ll have enough to do sorting out your affairs back at home. So we’ll give you peace of mind that, while you’re doing that, we’re managing/taking of your property search. Given the huge effort and expense in moving and buying a property, our goal is to help you to minimise the stress involved in this process by analysing your requirements, giving appropriate property advice and hand-holding you through the whole buying process.

We give a first-class, highly personalised and discreet service, operating with professionalism, integrity and transparency. We believe in treating others as we would like to be treated.

We have built up solid relationships with many other professionals who operate with a similar ethos as us, which allows us to offer a whole multi-faceted professional team if needed.